Composite USB device redirection

July 13, 2022

Composite USB device redirection


    Now Available
Citrix Workspace app - Linux

Starting with this release, Citrix Workspace app allows splitting of composite USB devices. A composite USB device can perform more than one function. These functions are accomplished by exposing each of those functions using different interfaces. Examples of composite USB devices include HID devices that consist of audio and video input and output.

Currently composite USB device redirection is available in desktop session only. The split devices appear in the Desktop Viewer.

Earlier when a device was unplugged and plugged in during a session, the device was auto-redirected. As a result, the device was auto connected to the VDA. With this release, you are required to enable auto-redirection manually through configuration file settings. Auto-redirection of composite USB devices is disabled, by default.

For more information on configuring composite USB device redirection, see the Composite USB device redirection section in the USB documentation.