DPI Matching

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DPI Matching

February 21, 2023
Citrix Workspace app - Android

The DPI matching feature ensures that the DPI scaling setting present in a remote desktop matches your device’s DPI setting. In general, the display clarity depends not only on resolution but also on the density of the pixels (DPI).

Previously, the sessions were rendered by resolution settings and those sessions weren’t clear even on high-DPI mobile phones or tablets.

Starting with the 2212 release, a new UI is introduced to achieve DPI matching. On your device, go to Citrix Workspace app for Android Settings > General > Display > Session Resolution > and select the *Match client DP*I option.

You can now connect an Android phone, or an Android tablet to an external monitor, or a TV and the session display scales according to the optimal DPI settings. You can use the Samsung DeX mode too. In other words, the Citrix Workspace app attempts to match the display resolution and DPI scale settings of the Android device to the Citrix session automatically.

This feature enhances the user experience by rendering the sessions according to the DPI of the phone or tablet. The session icons, text, and image clarity are now sharper and more comfortable to read. By default, the DPI matching feature is disabled.