Enable VDA Print telemetry

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Enable VDA Print telemetry

August 19, 2022
Citrix Analytics - Security

An event called VDA.Print triggers when a printing job is initiated in Citrix Apps and Desktops. The VDA Print events are also available on Self-service search and Custom Risk Indicators pages.

  • Self-service search: You can view the VDA.Print results along with all its attribute details.
  • Custom Risk Indicators: New events are provided for VDA print telemetry via EventHub and are available within Custom Indicator as well. You can use these event key/value pairs to configure custom indicator triggers.

To enable the print telemetry and transmission of printing logs to Citrix Analytics for Security, you need to create registry keys and configure your VDA. These printing logs provide vital information about printing activities such as, printer names, print file names, and total printed copies. As a security administrator, you can use these logs to analyze the risk and investigate your users.

For more information, see Enabling print telemetry for Citrix DaaS.