Enhancements to Session launch diagnostics

In Preview

Enhancements to Session launch diagnostics

September 29, 2022
Citrix DaaS - Monitor Console

In continuation to the Session launch diagnostics (preview) launched for our DaaS customers, we are happy to provide experience improvements to the preview, making it easier to deduce the causes of Citrix session failures.
Earlier, IT admins using the Monitor tool in Citrix DaaS could use Session launch diagnostics (preview) to search for unique failure errors, i.e. transaction-ID provided by their users. They could get all the logs for the session in a convenient download and then parse through them to spot the offending components and the error codes. They could look up the error code in our documentation to find its description and recommended resolution steps.
We have now improved the functionality in Citrix Monitor, so IT admins now need not parse the logs to deduce potential issues using Session launch diagnostics (preview). We have improved the experience so that, now in Monitor when a search for a failed session's transaction-ID is done:
• We visually show the component(s) involved in trying to establish the session. We highlight the component(s) which failed and show the last generated error code.
• Additionally, now you no longer need to manually look up the error code in our documentation to see remediation details. Now, clicking the "Learn more about the error" link will take you directly to the specific content section.

If you haven't tried Session launch diagnostics (preview) yet, it is a public preview. It is open to all customers using Citrix DaaS on Citrix Cloud in the U.S., E.U., and AP-S regions. No signup or change in settings is required for customers to try Session launch diagnostics in preview. For Citrix DaaS customers, the onboarding is automatic and manual steps are only needed if you're using an on-premises StoreFront along with Citrix DaaS. For more details on using Session launch diagnostics in the Monitor tool of Citrix DaaS, please refer to our documentation.
We look forward to your questions and feedback on our Citrix Discussion Forum - Session Launch Diagnostics preview.