Identify VDA issues by running WEM Health Check from Citrix Analytics for Performance

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Identify VDA issues by running WEM Health Check from Citrix Analytics for Performance

November 29, 2022
Citrix Analytics - Performance

Citrix Analytics for Performance continuously monitors Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs) enabling administrators to understand VDA availability and identify root causes for VDA failures. Previously, we introduced Machine States, a timeline of state changes for a VDA that includes failures identified by the Citrix control plane. However, if the cause of the failure is complex, specifically issues with configuration, connectivity, or policies, there may not be sufficient details available through Machine States to determine the root cause.

Introducing the WEM Health Check action inside Citrix Analytics for Performance

The WEM Heath Check option specifically targets scenarios where a VDA is unavailable and sufficient details from the control plane are not available to identify the specific problem. Citrix Analytics for Performance can now execute an expert script, available from Citrix Workspace Environment Manager called Cloud Health Check, verifying the health of your VDAs through a series of diagnostic tests. These scripts can identify possible causes for VDA registration failures, session launch issues, and many other scenarios that could cause unexpected outages. Admins with full administrator permissions in Citrix Analytics for Performance can trigger the WEM Cloud Health Check script (runs under the local system account on the agent host) without switching management consoles through the Actions menu (shown in the image below).

Administrators can see the results of the WEM Health Check in the Citrix Analytics for Performance console and determine root cause for the unavailable VDA, saving time from switching between management consoles and different troubleshooting tools. As illustrated in the image below, the WEM health check identifies the cause of failure as DNS configuration and includes a reference to the Knowledge Base article to help resolve the problem.

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