Improved virtual apps and desktops reconnection experience

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Improved virtual apps and desktops reconnection experience

February 13, 2023
Citrix Workspace app - Windows

This release provides an enhanced user experience while reconnecting to virtual apps and desktops from which you got disconnected.

When Citrix Workspace app attempts to refresh the disconnected Citrix Workspace app or start new virtual apps or desktops as a part of the Workspace Control feature, "Restore Session" prompt will appear.

This prompt appears only when the show reconnection prompt to reconnect sessions is set to true in the Global App Configuration service.

Click Restore to reconnect to open new and disconnected virtual apps and desktops. If you want to start only newly selected apps and desktops, click Cancel.

You can also select Remember my preference to apply the selected preference for the next login.

The preceding new Restore session? prompt appears only if:

  • the user tries to start an app belonging to a workspace store,
  • admin policies or app config settings are not configured for the Workspace Control feature,
  • Workspace Control Reconnect options are set to default on the client.