Infrastructure Dashboard Enhancements

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Infrastructure Dashboard Enhancements

April 14, 2022
Citrix Analytics - Performance

The Infrastructure dashboard that shows the availability and performance analytics for virtual machines in your apps and desktops environment has the following enhancements.

  • The Infrastructure dashboard is now enhanced to show the current availability of virtual machines. This enhancement gives an overview of the number of machines currently serving users and the number of machines that are unavailable for various reasons. The machine counts in the last known Available machine states (Ready for Use, Active) and Unavailable machine states (Maintenance, Unregistered and Failed) is displayed for the last instance (15 minutes).
  • Clicking the machine count opens the Machine Self-service view with the list of machines in the selected state for the last 15 minutes.
  • The Machine Availability trend now plots machine counts in aggregated states for the selected period. The aggregated state is the least favorable state that the machine has been in, from among the Ready for Use, Active, Maintenance, Unregistered and Failed states. You can drill down from a specific section on the graph to view details of machines in a specific aggregated state in the Machine self-service view. The Machine Availability trend helps check the number of machines in an aggregated state at a point in time. When used alongside the Session Availability trend, it helps understand the impact of a resource crunch or an outage.
  • Trends for one month and one-week periods are now plotted with a 6-hour granularity. You can zoom into the one month Machine and Sessions Availability trends using the time navigator in a 3–7 day range
  • The time navigator now reflects the Machine Availability trend. This helps identify time periods with a large number of unavailable machines, so you can easily navigate and zoom into the required period on the trend.
  • The tool tips on Machines and Sessions Availability trends are synchronized to help understand the correlation between unavailable machines and failed sessions. 
  • The Machines Self-service view has a new facet called Aggregated State, to allow state-based filtering of machines. The view has the machine count displayed for the selected Aggregated States. You can now use the Aggregated State facet or click from the Availability trend, to see list of machines that were in a specific aggregated state for the chosen time.
  • New columns are added to the Machines self-service view - Last Known State, and the machine count in each of the selected Aggregated states.
  • These enhancements help identify machines in a particular state currently or at a historical time period in Machines Self-service view. They enable better troubleshooting of machines as they give higher granularity of data and help identify machines that need attention easily. For more information, see the Self-Service search for Machines and the Infrastructure Analytics articles.