Machine States

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Machine States

July 18, 2022
Citrix Analytics - Performance

The Machine Statistics page now includes information on Machine States. The States tab shows the timeline of Machine Aggregated State and Machine Power Category plotted at 15 min intervals for the last 24 hours. Clicking an Aggregated State data point helps understand how it was calculated. A breakdown of the actual values of Machine State and Maintenance Mode that resulted in the plotted Aggregated State is displayed. This helps comprehend the machine’s state changes over time. Failure Type and Deregistration Reason help debug machine issues. Hover over the Power Category data point to see the actual Power State the machine has been in. This feature helps slice and dice important parameters concerning the machines in the environment and spot inefficiencies easily. Along with the Sessions and Processes information already available in this view, the Aggregated State and Power Category transition over time gives in-depth information to troubleshoot machine issues.

For more information, see the Machine Statistics article.

The Citrix Analytics Service Onboarding Assistant tool helps troubleshoot issues while onboarding StoreFront with the Citrix Analytics service. The StoreFront server might fail to connect to Citrix Analytics after importing the configuration settings from Citrix Analytics to the StoreFront server. CAS Onboarding Assistant automates all the checks and prerequisites mentioned in the document, Unable to connect StoreFront server with Citrix Analytics. For more information on the usage and to download the tool, see the Knowledge Center article, Citrix Analytics Service Onboarding Assistant.

Users and sessions that cannot be classified into excellent, fair, or poor categories due to configuration issues or dependencies are classified as Not Categorized. The Know more link below the Not Categorized classification in the User Experience and Session Responsiveness trends displays the primary reasons for certain users and sessions being not categorized. This feature provides the clarity required to quickly discover and fix any configuration issues.

For more information, see the Not Categorized article.