Overloaded Machines - Insights and Alerts

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Overloaded Machines - Insights and Alerts

July 29, 2022
Citrix Analytics - Performance

Insights on overloaded machines are available on the User Experience dashboard.

Machines that have experienced sustained CPU spikes, high memory usage, or both, that have lasted for 5 minutes or more, resulting in a poor user experience are considered to be overloaded. The Overloaded Machines insight shows the number of overloaded machines causing poor user experience and the number of users affected during the selected duration.

For more information, see Overloaded Machine Insights.

An Overloaded Machines alert mail is sent to administrators when a new overloaded machine is detected in the environment in a 15 mins interval. A realert mail is sent if the same machine remains in the overloaded condition after 24 hours. The administrators are realerted up to three times regarding machines that continue to be overloaded. Pro-active alerting helps administrators who are not currently logged on to Citrix Analytics for Performance detect and handle overloaded resources.

For more information, see Overloaded Machine Alerts.