Delay Cloud Connector Upgrades by Resource Location

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Delay Cloud Connector Upgrades by Resource Location

November 17, 2022
Platform - Cloud ConnectorsPlatform - Connector AppliancePlatform - Resource Locations

Many Citrix deployments maintain separate Dev, QA, and Production environments, with the Dev environment used for testing new functionality, the QA environment for validating changes, and the Production environment for end users. With this in mind, many admins would like connector upgrades (both Cloud Connectors and Connector Appliances) to be scheduled such that upgrades apply to Dev Resource Locations before QA, and QA Resource Locations before Production.

With this new feature, admins can assign their resource locations to an Early, Normal, or Late groups. Upgrades to connectors in the Early group are applied immediately, Normal group applied with a two week delay, and the Late group with a further two week delay.