Tenant support in Full Configuration

March 24, 2023

Tenant support in Full Configuration


     Now Available
Delivery Controller/Broker

You can now create configuration partitions within a single Citrix DaaS instance. You achieve that by creating tenant scopes in Administrators > Scopes and associating related configuration objects, such as machine catalogs and delivery groups, with those tenants. As a result, administrators with access to a tenant can manage only objects that are associated with the tenant. This feature is useful, for example, if your organization:

  • Has different business silos (independent divisions or separate IT management teams) or
  • Has multiple on-premises sites and wants to maintain the same setup in a single Citrix DaaS instance.

Also, the Full Configuration interface lets you filter tenant customers by name. By default, the interface displays information about all tenants.

The feature is available for both Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) and non-CSPs. The interface in a CSP environment is essentially the same as that in a non-CSP environment except for the method used to create tenants.

  • CSPs onboard tenant customers to Citrix DaaS and then configure administrator access to Citrix DaaS. For more information, see Citrix DaaS for Citrix Service Providers.
  • Non-CSPs create tenant customers by first creating scopes and then configuring custom access for respective administrators. For more information, see Create and manage scopes.