System Log for Citrix Cloud

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System Log for Citrix Cloud

March 30, 2022
Platform - System Logs

System Log captures a range of events that occur within the Citrix Cloud platform and for supported services. Events appear in a timestamped list and include:

  • Adding, modifying, and removing administrators.
  • Creating and deleting secure clients.
  • Changes in Workspace Configuration settings.
  • Registering and updating Citrix Cloud Connector and Connector Appliance.
  • Registering on-premises License Servers, managing assigned licenses for cloud services, and exporting license data.
  • Secure Private Access configuration changes.

Administrators can retrieve events up to 90 days old and export them to CSV. The SystemLog API is available to retrieve events for a specific time period. You can also connect your Splunk instance to Citrix Cloud with the System Log Add-on for Splunk.

For more information, see the System Log documentation and the System Log blog.