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December 2022

Dec 22

Single sign-on support for the Workspace URL

In Preview
Citrix Secure Access client now supports single sign-on for the Workspace URL when already logged in via Citrix Workspace app.
Citrix Secure Private Access
Dec 21

Automated installation of Session Recording server from Session Recording service

In Development
Citrix Session Recording service allows you to install Session Recording servers from within the cloud and allocate sites to the servers.  
Citrix DaaS - Session Recording
Dec 13

Machine Profile support for MCS on Google Cloud

Now Available
When you create a catalog to provision machines using Machine Creation Services (MCS) in Google Cloud, you can now use MachineProfile property to capture hardware properties from a virtual machine and apply them to newly provisioned VMs in the catalog. 
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Dec 09

Ability to automatically tag DaaS objects

Auto-tagging allows administrators to set and remove tags on various DaaS objects automatically, based on custom rules. This eliminates the need to maintain different scripts that run periodically for environment optimization.
Citrix DaaS - Broker
Dec 07

Support for updating page file setting in Azure environments

Now Available
When you create a catalog in Azure environment, you can now specify the page file setting, including the location and size, explicitly using the  PoSH command. This will override the value determined by MCS. 
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Dec 07

Support for tagging Azure resources created within a single catalog

Now Available
In Azure environments, this feature tags catalog resources using ProvSchemeID for resources created for a particular catalog
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Dec 07

Support for Provisioning Azure AD-Joined VMs and Microsoft Intune Auto Enrollment

Now Available
In Full Configuration, when you create a catalog, an Azure Active Directory joined identity type is now available in Machine Identities. With that identity type, you can use MCS to create machines that are joined to Azure Active Directory. You also have an extra option, Enroll the machines in Microsoft Intune, to enroll the machines in Microsoft Intune for management.
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Dec 07

Enable administrators to choose Linux OS license type on Azure

Now Available
Using Full Configuration, you can choose the Linux OS license type when creating Linux VM catalogs. You have two choices for bring-your-own Linux licenses: RHEL_BYOS and SLES_BYOS. The setting defaults to Azure Linux licensing.
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Dec 05

Access assurance dashboard - Logon Network

Now Available
Access assurance dashboard - Logon Network The Logon Network section is newly added and provides the following user details: The organizations associated with the IP addresses from which the users have logged on. The total unique public subnet and private subnet from where the users have logged on. The details that the user has logged on using proxies and private VPN services. Using these additional details, an administrator can validate the user logon details and ensure that the user logon is within the security expectation of the organization. For more details, see Access Assurance Dashboard.  
Citrix Analytics - Security