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November 2021

Nov 30

Annotating an image when updating machines

Now Available
In the Full Configuration management interface, you can now annotate an image when updating an MCS-created catalog.
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Nov 17

Policy-driven theming

Now Available
You can create and prioritize Workspace themes, and add each theme to different user groups in Workspace Configuration.
Workspace Platform
Nov 17

Multi-type licensing support

Now Available
The Full Configuration management interface now supports multi-type licensing, letting you specify which license entitlement you want your site (your deployment of a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service product) or a delivery group to use.
Citrix DaaS - Configuration Consoles
Nov 08

Add Azure AD administrator groups to Citrix Cloud

Now Available
Add administrator groups in your Azure AD to Citrix Cloud.
Platform - IAM
Nov 05

Support for displaying Azure Marketplace purchase plan information

Now Available
In the Full Configuration management interface, when creating a machine catalog, you can now view purchase plan information for master images originated from Azure Marketplace images.
Citrix DaaS - Configuration Consoles