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June 2022

Jun 29

Citrix Provisioning on Google Cloud Platform

Now Available
Citrix Provisioning now allows you to move your Citrix Provisioning workloads to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Installing Citrix Provisioning in your Google project is the same as installing it in an on-premises provisioning farm.
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Jun 28

Home page for the Full Configuration interface

A home page is available for Full Configuration, providing an overview of your Citrix DaaS deployment and workloads along with information that helps you get the most from your subscription. For more information, see Home page.
Citrix DaaS - Configuration Consoles
Jun 28

Customize port for VDA

Now Available
You can now customize the port that the VDA uses to communicate with Cloud Connectors based on your specific security requirements.
Citrix DaaS - VDA
Jun 17

Data Processing is enabled by default for new paid entitlements

Now Available
Previously, customers with new paid entitlement to Citrix Analytics for Security had to turn on Data Processing in the site card of specific data sources to begin processing data for those data sources.
Citrix Analytics - Security
Jun 16

Cloud License Release Optimization - License Release UI redesign

Now Available
Licensing for Citrix DaaS and Endpoint Management has been optimized to make it easier to release assigned licenses in bulk. With a single click, customers can display only users and associated devices with licenses that are eligible for release. 
Platform - Licensing
Jun 15

Load-balancing Session Recording servers across sites

In Preview
You can now manage Session Recording servers by load-balancing them across multiple sites and create or activate a policy for all Session Recording servers in a site at a time. Visit What's new - Session Recording service for more details.
Citrix DaaS - Session Recording
Jun 15

Session Recording service - APS control plane

In Preview
Session Recording service is now available for all Citrix DaaS offerings with capabilities of centralized management of policies, playback, and server configurations. It eases the burden on IT administrators by providing a unified entry point to manage and observe the distributed objects across your organization.
Citrix DaaS - Session Recording
Jun 08

User and Session Classification in Percentages

Now Available
The User Experience dashboard shows the classification of connected HDX users and sessions
Citrix Analytics - Performance
Jun 02

ADM service usage data available in License Usage Insights colsole for Citrix Service Providers

Citrix now offers Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) a centralized view of license consumption associated with the Application Delivery Management (ADM) service within the License Usage Insights console.
Citrix Service ProvidersPlatform - Licensing