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March 2022

Mar 31

Session Recording service - US control plane

In Preview
Session Recording service is now available for all Citrix DaaS offerings with capabilities of centralized management of policies, playback, and server configurations. It eases the burden on IT administrators by providing a unified entry point to manage and observe the distributed objects across your organization.
Citrix DaaS - Session Recording
Mar 30

System Log for Citrix Cloud

Now Available
System Log captures a range of events that occur within the Citrix Cloud platform and support services. Events can be exported to CSV and retrieved using the SystemLog API.
Platform - System Logs
Mar 22

Remove inactive devices from Citrix Endpoint Management console automatically

Now Available
With this feature, inactive devices will be automatically removed from the Citrix Endpoint Management console.
Citrix Endpoint Management
Mar 21

Gateway Service Licensing - Bandwidth used per user

Now Available
Licensing for Gateway service now displays the amount of bandwidth used for each user. Administrators can see at a glance which users are using the most bandwidth across all Gateway service entitlements. Bandwidth usage for a specific user persists even when the license for that user has been released. 
Platform - Licensing
Mar 14

Support for rejecting non-existing custom properties in Azure environments

Now Available
Custom property of New-ProvScheme or Set-ProvScheme is a string field. If you specify non-existing custom property or properties, you get an error message. This will help you to avoid potential confusion when custom property input does not take effect.
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Mar 11

Azure trusted launch support

Now Available
Azure trusted launch is now available for the Full Configuration management interface. If you choose to select an image with trusted launch enabled, using a machine profile is mandatory. Also, you must select a machine profile with trusted launch enabled. 
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Mar 10

Support for retaining system disk when MCS I/O is enabled for machines running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Now Available
In the Full Configuration management interface, when provisioning machines on GCP, you can now retain system disk during power cycles when MCS storage optimization (MCS I/O) is enabled.  
Citrix DaaS - Monitor ConsoleCitrix DaaS - ProvisioningCitrix DaaS - VDA
Mar 08

Support for an enhanced Single sign-on (SSO) experience for web and SaaS apps

In Preview
This feature simplifies the configuration of SSO for internal web apps and SaaS apps while using third party identity providers (IdPs).
Citrix Workspace app - macOS
Mar 08

Endpoint Network Statistics

Now Available
This feature provides more visibility into the client-side network, as several relevant metrics are added in the Sessions Self-service view and the Sessions Statistics view. Endpoint Link Speed (P95), Endpoint Throughput Incoming (P95), Endpoint Throughput Outgoing (P95) are introduced as optional columns in the Sessions Self-service view.
Citrix Analytics - Performance
Mar 07

Support for service continuity with Citrix Workspace app for Android

Now Available
Service continuity is now supported for Citrix Workspace app for Android in general availability.
Citrix Workspace app - AndroidWorkspace Platform