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December 2022

Dec 05

Access assurance dashboard - Logon Network

Now Available
Access assurance dashboard - Logon Network The Logon Network section is newly added and provides the following user details: The organizations associated with the IP addresses from which the users have logged on. The total unique public subnet and private subnet from where the users have logged on. The details that the user has logged on using proxies and private VPN services. Using these additional details, an administrator can validate the user logon details and ensure that the user logon is within the security expectation of the organization. For more details, see Access Assurance Dashboard.  
Citrix Analytics - Security

November 2022

Nov 30

Email Notifications in Citrix Cloud

Now Available
A new "Notifications" tab is in development for administrators to set their preferences to receive notifications via email. This tab will also include the ability to add non-administrator users or listservs to receive these same notifications.
Nov 30

Support for changing storage type when VM is powered down in Azure

Now Available
With this feature, in Azure environments, you now have an option to change the storage type to a lower tier at shutdown and restore the storage tier when the VM is powered on. This saves on storage cost while the VM is shutdown. The storage performance might also be impacted at start time.
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Nov 29

Identify VDA issues by running WEM Health Check from Citrix Analytics for Performance

Now Available
Now customers of Citrix Analytics for Performance (CASP) can run and view results from the Cloud Health Check script from Citrix Workspace Environment Manager (WEM), without leaving the product. This can be leveraged to find the root cause of common VDA issues in Citrix Analytics.
Citrix Analytics - Performance
Nov 14

Improved "Add Administrator/Group" Experience

Now Available
The Citrix Cloud console introduced a more streamlined experience for adding administrators, including an improved interface and searchable permissions.
Platform - IAM
Nov 04

Custom Message Bottom Positioning

Now Available
Admins can display custom time messages for users at the bottom of the page
Workspace User Experience
Nov 02

Monitor Probe now with scheduling capabilities

Now Available
Previously, Citrix Monitor allowed Probes to run simulated sessions, at fixed time-slot and only be scheduled for one specific time-slot. We have enhanced Monitor to now allow probe tasks to be schedule at any custom time along with recurrence for execution multiple times in the same day or week.
Citrix DaaS - Monitor Console
Nov 01

Session Recording service has reached General Availability

Now Available
Citrix Session Recording service has reached General Availability! The introduction of the Session Recording service provides an advanced administration experience and simplifies deployment. It supports centralized management of server settings, policies, and playback. It facilitates administrative tasks by providing a unified entry point to manage and observe the Session Recording servers across your organization. Onboarding an existing 1912 LTSR deployment is also supported so that you don't have to upgrade to 2203 or later.
Citrix DaaS - Session Recording

October 2022

Oct 31

Connector Appliance availability in Google Cloud Marketplace

Now Available
Until now, Citrix provided a disk image and accompanying script to support deploying the Connector Appliance in cloud services. With this change the Connector Appliance will be available within the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) marketplace and deployed directly without the need for a script.
Platform - Connector Appliance
Oct 28

New permission for Customer Dashboard

Now Available
CSPs have a new permission to control which administrators can view information in the customer dashboard. This permission allows CSPs to show or hide the customer dashboard for custom access administrators. Only full access administrators can add new customers.
Citrix Service Providers