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May 2022

May 17

Virtual Apps and Desktops is renamed to Apps and Desktops

Now Available
On the Security Analytics dashboards and reports and in the data sent by Security Analytics to your SIEM service, all the Virtual Apps and Desktops labels are now updated as Apps and Desktops to align with the rebranded product name.
Citrix Analytics - Security
May 10

Service continuity for Workspace app for iOS

Now Available
Service continuity is now supported for Citrix Workspace app for iOS in general availability.
Citrix Workspace app - iOSWorkspace Platform
May 03

APIs to manage Citrix cloud licensing

Now Available
Citrix introduces REST APIs to create and consume reports that help you to manage licensing in Citrix Cloud. As an IT administrator, use the Citrix cloud licensing APIs in tandem with on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or Citrix DaaS.
Platform - Licensing

April 2022

Apr 29

Updates to Policy and Machine Catalog Wizards in Full Configuration

Now Available
The blade style is now applied to the final two nodes: Machine Catalogs and Policies. The new wizards appear in blade views with wider viewports, enabling more content to display. The workflows for configuring your settings remain the same.
Citrix DaaS - Configuration Consoles
Apr 28

Anomalous Latency Alerts

Now Available
Poor in-session responsiveness is the primary cause for poor session experience. The Anomalous Latency Alerts feature alerts administrators when there is a significant deviation in the session latency values. The proactive alerting helps administrators identify specific locations or Delivery Groups from which poor sessions might be originating.
Citrix Analytics - Performance
Apr 25

APIs to manage Citrix cloud licensing-Partner

Now Available
Citrix Cloud introduces REST APIs to create and consume reports that help you manage licensing in Citrix Cloud. 
Citrix Service ProvidersPlatform - Licensing
Apr 21

Eliminate requirement of installing 3rd party plugin on every CC connector

In Full Configuration, when creating hosting connections, you're required to select a zone before selecting a connection type. The Connection type drop-down list displays hypervisors and cloud services available with the zone. (Previously, to ensure the Connection type list shows a required hypervisor or cloud service, you had to install its plug-in in every zone. With this new configuration sequence, you can now install the plug-in only in the required zone.)
Citrix DaaS - Provisioning
Apr 20

Performance Analytics specific Custom Access roles

Now Available
Custom Access Roles specific to Citrix Analytics for Performance are now available. As a Citrix Cloud administrator with Full access permission, you can invite other administrators to manage Performance Analytics in your organization using the following roles.
Citrix Analytics - Performance
Apr 14

Infrastructure Dashboard Enhancements

Now Available
A few enhancements regarding the Infrastructure dashboard that shows the availability and performance analytics for virtual machines in your apps and desktops environment.
Citrix Analytics - Performance
Apr 14

Breakup of Unique Users and Sessions Numbers

Now Available
This feature brings more clarity to the Not Categorized numbers on the User Experience dashboard. The dashboard now shows the breakup of users and sessions in the virtual apps and desktops environment based on the session protocol and the connection status.
Citrix Analytics - Performance